Branding is a whole world. Here we create Brands and we make them bloom. Starting from the dreams and the ideas of your past, projected into the sacrifice and the strategy of the present, ZED Branding will help you to shape your distintiveness and your identity in order to reach a well deserved success. As we’re nowadays exposed to thousands of brands and bombardet by ads every single minute, we’re here bring together your vision and your objectives in order to create a strong and functional Brand. We’ll assist you in finding out what you really want and what the market wants.

brand consulting.

Successful projects always start with a coffee. Or a beer. Operating in exclusive co-working spaces provides the chance to create new stimulating networks; having bars and gyms in our headquarters makes us stress-free and focused. We’re here to assist you with our experience and our savoir faire. We’ll do our best to concretely build what has always been a dream, a project, or just an idea.

Don’t hesitate to fill in the form for a consulting appointment in our center in Zürich or in your company. On request, appointments are available on Saturday too.

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The Name is a radical decision. It must be short, secure, powerfull, recognizable. We’re here to assist you making the right choices. in order to be easily remembered, easily recognised and hard to forget. You bring your ideas, we bring our creativity and our experience. If you don’t have any, we’re here for you.

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The Logo is the concretization of a hard work, which includes creativity and trasversal knowledge. It must be clear, eye-catching, stable, properly designed, symmetrical, proportioned. Lines, shapes, colors, metaphores, fantasy. Psychological, economic and sociologic knowledge: all together for an harmonious and effective result.

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advertising photography.

A photograph speaks a thousanand words. Or even more. ZED Branding provides a professional advertising photography service. Restaurants, hotels, jewelry stores, flowers, dresses, projects, foundations, services. What else? Everything that can be photographed. With the right light and angle you gain another value.

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In cooperation with our team in the UK and Italy, we’ll build the website which perfectly reflects your identity, with awesome layouts and contents, for a breathtaking and successful result, including the most various and sophisticated plug-ins.

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Just imagine if you’d have to buy a Swiss watch worth more than 40.000 CHF in the packaging of tomatoes or zucchini. There are some Brands out there that all they have is a good packaging. Nowadays, even services are packed. And it sells. We’re firmly conviced that your products and services are worth it, and they deserve the right dress. It simply increases the value of the product itself.

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corporate design & space.

Walls, windows, doors, floors, cars, desks, chairs, papers, pens: they all have a voice. Just imagine an aircraft without a livery. At ZED we design and simulate on real-life dimension how your working spaces would look like: bars, shops, offices, house walls, liveries, uniforms, gadgets and everything you’d be able to write on with a pen, they’re all a good chance to be known and to sell.

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